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    Kirby Star Scramble High Scores
Description: Collect stars and shoot enamies as you fly toward the showdown.
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Top Scores
Kirby Star Scramble Champion!
with a score of 10,080
# Username Score Comment Time
1 TailsMaster9491 10,080 so boring once you get to Dark Matter... 11:14pm Jan 31st
2 ace the hedgehog 8,605 W00T 9:37pm Jan 29th
3 loudkirbyking 4,045 12:29am Jan 30th
4 Ferret75 3,970 Kirby's sad in the game over screen. =( 5:58pm Feb 4th
5 Spindash712 3,115 How do you beat Dark Matter? 7:50pm Feb 10th
6 Shadowlight 2,575 10:40pm Jan 25th
7 TheifZashu 2,175 11:06pm Mar 17th
8 Jet 1,460 that game is glitchy as hell 5:08pm May 21st
9 Highlander TH 1,175 11:02am Apr 9th
10 Makuna 1,050 i like when hes super ninja kickass kirby 6:49pm Feb 1st

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