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> [Open] Reality Check, Custom RP, so no worries
 Posted: Mar 30 2011, 06:10 PM
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((Before I begin the intro, I made this RP on another site, oh, about a year and a half ago. It was going decent, and it was fun as ever to plan for, but it ended up dying due to one user in it having his computer broken, and the other... meh, won't get into that. So, if this goes far, congrats!))

Today marks a great day in history. A new game, released by an industry who works on making motion-sensitive objects that detect all bodily movements has released a new game called "Reality Check". It's a new game that they've asked many kids to test out. For the game, each person climbs into a pod-like object after putting on an odd helmet, gloves, and boots. They are then taken into the world of the game. You are one of those people. But, the game's taken a turn for the worse. The game is experiencing a massive virus, causing many glitches and problems in the game. By the time that the creators got to them, every person in the pods had vanished, transported forever into the game. Can you live?

"The game itself is made up of many different training area's. There are certain towns and cities that no monsters can get in to so that the character may rest up and relax before fighting more. Every player begins with three things. First, instructions to the game put into a watch that shoots holograms, named the holowatch. The second is a weapon of their choice. Whether it be a gun, sword, lance whatever. A weapon. The third, an ability. Controlling an element, being able to master a weapon without training, or even amazing foraging abilities. You may use these abilities or powers to help you in your quest. Everyone begins in the cyber city of Tornadon. It contains the most players, shops, and resources for your character. Every player picks out of different species we have programmed into the games. Humans are the first choice, obviously. Other species include a plant-like species, known as "Solana", allowing them to use earth-based assaults easier, a bird-like species known as "Flinta", who really look like angels, a fish-like species known as "Aquano", which allows players to go underwater along with on land, and finally a more lion or tiger-like species known as "Feroin", with heightened senses and animal parts. Each species has human qualities, along with said appearances listed. Enemies range from limbless blobs to goblins to dragons to even unknown ice creatures. The game has no limits"

Allow me to present the form.

Username(The name you use in the RP. It works like an online game, so...):
Species(Read above in quotation marks to find out what they are):
Description(Please have them try to match your species. If your an Aquano, your going to have scales or webbed feet, or fins. If your Flinta, your going to have feathers etc.):
Weapon(Whichever one you start out with. You can get more later on):
Power(whatever you start with. Same with weapon, you get more later):
Background(How you ended up getting into the game):

I'll put mine up later, due to balancing things and what-not. Anywho, we start... sometime later...

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