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> Flash Point, A collaborative story
 Posted: May 16 2010, 07:09 PM
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Please read through this entire post before contributing to the story. If it's too long for you to read, why the heck are you in a thread about STORY WRITING?

In this story, everybody can play a part in writing. If you don't create a character at the beginning, you can always bring one in later.
This will probably be a bit like a roleplay, but everything will be in even more of a novel format.

Main Genres
This story revolves mostly around Drama, Action-Adventure, and Fantasy. Expect a bit of romance and other genres within, in smaller quantities.

A few people from over the world are suddenly and unexpectedly pulled from their locations, and they all find themselves somewhere else - not their world, but similar... only there are strange differences in this world. These people later are teleported to another world, but they are only beginning their journey, and there are many other worlds still awaiting them. Will they discover what's happening to them, and how to return home? Or will they be forced to travel through alternate realities forever?

Rules and Guidelines
1. No spamming or flaming, obviously...
2. Keep OOC talk to a minimum.
3. Please TRY to use correct grammar, spelling, etc... We want this to be easy for everyone to understand.
4. Write in correct PARAGRAPH form, please. You've read books before. You know what they look like.
5. Take into consideration that we are all creating this story, and no single person can determine plot and whatnot. Give everyone the chance to determine some part of the story outcome.
6. Try to post actively, and check often enough to see if you're being waited on.
7. If you would like to stop contributing to the story at any time, please find a realistic way to get rid of your character(s), or tell somebody that is willing to do it for you that you would like to get rid of your character(s).
8. In each new world they go to, the subtle differences to Earth may not be obvious. You may decide on one or two of the world's quirks, but please do not decide on everything.
9. Although the starter characters can be from anywhere in the world, they must be able to speak and/or read and write English fairly well. It's best if we can all understand each other.
10. Please note that this is not a roleplay, and you do not have to control a character, permanently or even temporarily. If you'd prefer, you can write about things going on around the other characters and such.

Grammar, etc.
There are a few mistakes I notice many people seem to make, and I hope by reading these you can avoid them.

Quotation Punctuation
When somebody says something, we put quotation marks around their words, as you all know. However, if there are words in your sentence after the quotation (such as: ". . . ." he said.), and the character is merely making a statement that ends in a period, that period becomes a comma.
(e.g. "There's absolutely no way," he said.)
(e.g. of incorrect use: "There's absolutely no way." he said.)

There & Their
Please understand that these two words sound the same, but do not have the same meaning.
THERE indicates a place or position (e.g. He's over there)
THEIR indicates that something belongs to or is associated with specific people or things (e.g. That is their job)

New Quotations
Every time someone new speaks, start a new paragraph.
(e.g. "Do you have any idea?" he asked.
"Not a clue," she muttered, shrugging.)

To & Too
The extra 'o' creates a whole new meaning.
TO indicates several things: motion in the direction of a specified location (e.g. walking to the neighboring house) - a person or thing affected (e.g. They acted kind to each other) - among other things.
TOO indicates a degree higher than desirable, permissible, or possible; excessively (e.g. He drove too fast) - 'also' (e.g. She was smiling, and laughing, too)

Then & Than
THEN indicates a time, 'at that time' (e.g. He was happy then) - 'after that; next; afterward' (e.g. They jumped, then grabbed on to the ledge) - 'therefore' (e.g. If they did as told, then there was nothing to worry about)
THAN introduces the second element in a comparison (e.g. She was smaller than him) - THAN is also used in expressions introducing an exception or contrast (e.g. He chose to stay silent rather than answer)

If I come up with more common mistakes, I'll put them here...

If the title sucks, give me suggestions and maybe I'll change it. XP
We're going to start the story on Earth before the main characters are teleported to the first alternate world. Give everybody the chance to enter a character of their own before they teleport. They'll all go at about the same time, perhaps not at a suitable instance, but I'll initiate the magical flash that teleports them, alright? We're good to go. I'll start the story off.

The sun shone bright in the sky, warming the backs of New York City's citizens. It was mid-afternoon, as well as the weekend; this was Felix Bay's favorite time of the week. At the moment, he was strolling down a crowded sidewalk, his red iPod held lightly in his left hand.
Felix's wild hair was the orangish-brown color of rust, and he wore a style of clothes that was so blatantly like that of a gangster that it was no surprise that those he passed gave him odd looks.
Felix walked with quick, upbeat steps along with his music. This music was loud enough for others to hear through his iPod's earbuds. The other people stared while passing him, for aside from his peculiar clothing, he was practically dancing as he hummed and strode to his destination.

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 Posted: May 28 2010, 01:05 AM
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This is my story... And I'll live it as I see fit.

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((I am SO sorry that it took so long. My post I had got erased, and then I got a nasty writer's block. Oh yeah, and only going to use Cliff fer now.))

The sun was high and bright in Southern Kentucky, the sky having few clouds in it as the only noise to be heard is the occasional car, and the chirping of birds. In a nice subdivision, many different houses were near one another, easily within distance to talk between yards.

"All right, just a couple more hits, and the boss will be done" Cliff smirked, gripping his game controller very tight, his sweaty hands pressing buttons as fast as he could.

Cliff is a 14 year-old boy with brown eyes, medium-length red hair, pale white skin with freckles, and very underweight. He is wearing a red shirt with a picture of a Laptop on it and blue jean shorts.

Ding Dong!

"Cliff! You have a guest at the door!" His mom's voice echoed up the stairs into the teenager's room.

"Got it! Be down in a moment" Pausing his game, Cliff quickly tossed his shoes on, rushing down the stairs to see his friend, Gerald, but everyone called him "Black" because he was a black boy always in pure black clothes.

"Hey, you up for a game of basketball over at my place?" Black asked, giving a smile to his friend.

"Yeah, sure. Let's roll" Cliff dashed out, Black following him as the two began to race toward's Black's house. It was a three doors down, the two locked at the same speed, neck and neck, both running as fast as their legs could go.

"Ha! I won!" Cliff gave a minor cheer, slowly down as he began to pant.

"Yeah, yeah. I'll beat you in the basketball game" Black gave a groan, seeming to hate to lose. He went into his garage, took out a basketball, and tossed it to Cliff. "You start off I'll beat you easy"

"Oh, well then check this out!" Cliff gave a smirk, making a dash to the goal, tossing the ball up like it was trash to a garbage can. The ball flew, Black blocking it in midair, sending it off into a bush in his neighbor's yard.

"I got it!" Cliff yelled to Black, jogging across the street to get the ball. He scanned around the yard, unable to find the basketball.

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 Posted: May 28 2010, 07:36 PM
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((Gotcha. Seing as the characters are all over the place, I suppose all we can do for now is switch back and forth, unlike a real book... Hm. *edits first post to add something*
Also, kudos to anyone who can recognize the song Felix is listening to.))

"...Lied too much, she said that she's had enough...
Am I too much? She said that she's had enough!
" Felix's humming along to the music turned into singing, and he spun once on the spot, walking on afterward and straight into somebody with his back turned.
"Hey!" he growled, turning around to face Felix. Felix recognized him as Mark from his school, a senior, like him. Mark was six foot five, aggressive, muscular, and he despised Felix above all else.
"Hey, Mark!" said Felix in false cheer at seeing him, keeping his apprehension hidden. Mark narrowed his eyes... Not a good sign for Felix.
"So you think you can just walk into whoever you'd like?" Mark muttered, seizing the front of Felix's shirt.
"Dude, it was an accident..."
"You should watch where you're going!" Mark shoved Felix away.
"You shouldn't be standing around in the middle of the sidewalk doing nothing," said Felix simply. Mark grabbed Felix's iPod and tugged it out of his grasp, the earbuds being pulled along and out of Felix's ears. "Hey! Nobody touches the iPod!"
"I just did," Mark said stiffly, tossing the iPod to the ground and raising his foot, about to bring it down on the iPod to break it. Felix disregarded all consequences and furiously punched Mark in the face.

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Look close enough, and you can detect the colors inside anybody's heart....
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