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Rankings for Highlander TH
Game Score Rank Times Played High Score Age
Asteroids N/A N/A 47 3141d 39m 56s
Burger Time 6,850 5 out of 10 57 3415d 23h 41m 40s
Festive Fallout 47,331 7 out of 8 48 3426d 17h 50m 5s
Fishy 348 9 out of 13 164 3428d 19h 15m 31s
Frogger N/A N/A 101 3141d 21h 21m 38s
Hexxagon N/A N/A 55 3424d 23h 52m 35s
Kirby Star Scramble 1,175 9 out of 10 53 3424d 19h 24m 29s
Pacman N/A N/A 30 3424d 21h 13m 23s
Simon N/A N/A 38 3431d 19h 25m 15s
Snake N/A N/A 213 3256d 1h 55m 4s
Space Invaders N/A N/A 19 2943d 19h 55m 34s
Tetris N/A N/A 134 3035d 2h 50m 0s
Ultimate Pong 25 8 out of 9 270 3424d 4h 11m 43s
Player Details for Highlander TH
1st Place Finishes: 0
2nd Place Finishes: 0
3rd Place Finishes: 0
Top Ten Finishes: 5
Total Games In Arcade: 13
Total Games Played By Highlander TH: 5
Total Games Played: 1229

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