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The rules have been updated some, and they are taking effect now. Nothing major, but please check them before posting. =)

The Rules
Here are the rules.
As long as you follow them, you'll be fine.

1. No attacking other posters. If you have to do so, have it be via private messages, but only in a way that is friendly and not aggressive.

2. No swearing. Except for a few minor words, you should try to avoid swearing. Continuous swearing is not allowed at all though, and just because a swear word isn't in the filters doesn't mean you should go ahead and use it constantly.

3. No racism, religious attacks, or insulting someone for their paranormal beliefs. This won't be tolerated, as it is against the basic Jcink rules.

4. No pornography at all. I wish I didn't have to say it, but unfortunately there are people in the world like this. Let an admin or mod know if it appears at all.

5. No inappropriate images (such as ones with excessive amounts of blood and gore) may be shown on the board. In some cases, you may link to them if you say what it is. Following rule four though, NONE of it may be pornography.

6. No alternate accounts (AKA more than one board account by the same person). This includes making joke accounts of a video character or the sort. And yes, we can figure out if you are using an alt, so do not try it.

Other than that, just use your common sense.
By the way, private messages are not monitored because I don't believe in the invasion of privacy.