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> The First Descriptions, For the bestest person ever. Lul.
 Posted: Apr 23 2009, 03:50 AM
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Look, it's GODZILLA!

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Yay. New forum/category. :3
So what the heck, let's try it out and see if I can do something as simple as write a character description without messing up. :3
....Prepare for text wall perhaps?!
Yeah. I know I don't RP. I'm just sorta bored when I'm writing this. tongue.gif
Maybe you'll learn something or get a laugh out of it?

Height: Ummm... 8 inches is Kirby's height, so I'd say right about there.
Weight: Probably not heavy. Standard soccer ball, playground ball, or anything else you kick around like that.
age: Ummm... I don't like making ages for Kirbys/Kirbies, but I'd say like... 16?
Description: Vortex is a Kirby. Yay. He's green, with a slight darker green for his little cheek blushes. He's got a purple hat he wears backwards... He still has an orange one somewhere around here... He's got brown hair (YUP. Hair. On a Kirby. a puppy in Halo.....3....) His shoes are slightly more detailed than that of an average Kirby's shoes, and are dark blue. He likes to pretend he knows how to use a sword. Lul, yeah right. He can use a Yo-yo though, so horray? He absolutely sucks at drawing, but likes to make sprite comics which tend to suck too.

Height: 6' 2"
Weight: Ummm... Not too heavy... Maybe like... 140 pounds or so?
age: Ummm... Same problem with giving Vortex an age. I'd say 19 though if I were to guess.
Description: Forbic is RaWR!!! SECRET!!! that wears a dirty brown robe. He's a blue color and has bright, solid blue eyes. He's got tiny blue and purple wings that he can't quite fly with due to size, but they still look sorta neat, huh? He's got a sword mounted on his back that's held up by a strap that goes over his shoulder. He is a good artist and good at making comics, but he doesn't make many. He knows how to swordfight rather well and is pretty good with most guns.

BOTH OF THEM LIKE MOUNTaIN DEW, BUT VORTEX IS MORE LIKELY TO JUMP OFF a BRIDGE FOR IT... Forbic's a little smarter than that. tongue.gif


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I'll let you know that if you're taking my words seriously, you're already doing something wrong...
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