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> Needleice, My fav Fan Charrie EVER
 Posted: Apr 24 2009, 10:01 AM
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If you're reading this, then you wasted time from your life.

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Well umm I thought up Needz cause like...EVERYBODY at the chatbox i went to a the tme was OBSESSED with the Black Blood Alliance (about wolves if you dont know)

So made Needleice, a hyper young white wolf with yellow stripes and sky blue eyes (note of intrest, even tho her eye's have always been blue it took a long time to decide the right shade)

She joined an RP as an omega of a pack...then was banished...then joined as an average wolf in another pack...yeaaaa...

Need's signaturelame joke is hurling herself off a cliff (tall or short) and taking a LONG time (anywhere from 5-10 min) to reach the bottom. Never acually has died and "magiclly" come back to life many times.

Can be very annoying to watch out RP's she's in...

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