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 Posted: Apr 30 2009, 04:05 PM
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The only characters of mine I want to share right now are my RP characters, so... =P

-Pokemon RP Characters-
RP: Pokemon: Morphers Era
Name: Claire Anderson
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: Outgoing and daring
What Pokemon you morph into: Skitty
Appearance(Human form): 5’6”, Waist-length auburn hair, bright blue eyes
Appearance(Pokemon form): Normal Skitty, wears a red collar with a bell on it and a red fisherman’s cap
Background: (Will enter later)
Fitting Songs: "Falling Down" by Avril Lavigne, "Freak Out" by Avril Lavigne
Other: She likes to wear casual clothes such as tank tops and t-shirts with plain jeans or pants. She always seems to be wearing a red fisherman’s cap, even in her Pokemon form.

RP: Pokemon: Morphers Era PU&D
Name: Lore
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Personality: Pessimistic, unsociable, composed
What pokemon you morph into: Zangoose
Human Appearance: 5'11", lean and thin-faced, black hair with a few thin strands that hang over his violet eyes. Typically wears baggy jeans and a white A-shirt, with a long, black, lightweight coat and black boots. Has a round, silver locket on a small chain that he wears as a necklace.
Pokemon Appearance: Zangoose with violet eyes
Background: Born in Verdanturf Town, he spent most of his life there before journeying to Sinnoh.
Include PU&D?: No
Fitting Songs: (Currently none)
Other: He has no Pokemon, and has never even held a pokeball before.

RP: Lost on PMD Island 2
Name: Krystaline
Gender: Female
Species: Ralts
Appearance: Blue eyes, she wears a long, glittery blue bow around her neck
Personality: Kind, rather timid, emotional
Level: 8
Moves: Growl, Confusion
Fitting Songs: "The Reason" by Hoobastank
Other: She lost her best friend Emily a long time ago. They had gotten into a fight, and Emily went into a Luxray's house and accidentally set it on fire. The Luxray killed her but Krystal got away (she had come inside with Emily in hopes of getting her to leave).

RP: Lost on PMD Island 2
Name: Victor
Gender: Male
Species: Eevee
Appearance: Green eyes, he has small but deep scars on the front and back of his left paw
Personality: Stubborn, independant, cruel
Level: 7
Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Helping Hand
Fitting Songs: (Currently none)
Other: He hates being around others, preferring to be alone to his thoughts. Once, a Jolteon thrust its spikes through his left paw, explaining his hatred of Horace and overall electric Pokemon.

RP: Lost on PMD Island 2
Name: Lance
Gender: Male
Species: Absol
Appearance: Blood-red eyes, the oval on his head is pitch-black
Personality: Calm
Level: 5
Moves: Feint, Scratch, leer
Fitting Songs: (Currently none)
Other: He has been living on the island for several years, hidden deep in a rather hard-to-find cave.

-Animal RP Characters-
RP: Redwall Returned
Name: Amanda
Species: Fox
Appearance: Orange fur and blue eyes
Weapon: Bow and arrows
Personality: Outgoing
Fitting Songs: (Currently none)
Other: Sometimes when she falls asleep, she doesn't wake up for days on end. This has been happening to her for as long as she can remember. She found a stone with a pattern engraved on it, and she finds it quite intriguing.

RP: Darkwall
Name: Rikon
Species: Fox
Appearance: Dark gray fur and golden eyes, wears a deep purple tunic
Weapon: Sword
Personality: Calm
Fitting Songs: (Currently none)
Other: He is very good at disguising his true emotions. His father gave him extremely intense training to use the sword, first starting when Rikon was a very small child. He became extraordinarily good at it. A few years ago, a large group of rats attacked his home and killed his father. Rikon managed to defeat all the rats, but was left with no home, an injured arm, a desire for more revenge, and something much worse that will last him a lifetime...

RP: Redwall: Fourteen Seasons On
Name: Jedediah
Nickname: Jed (But he doesn't much like the nickname)
Species: Mouse
Seasons old: 15
Bio: He fled from his home when it was ravaged by a mysterious stoat who killed his family; and, fearing the stoat might be after him, he managed to find a battered, gray, hooded cloak to hide his face.
Weapon: None
Fitting Songs: (Currently none)

-Other RP Characters-
RP: Banpaia
Name: Sarah
Age before being turned: 16
How long you've been turned: 885 years
Description: Shoulder-length wavy blonde hair, purple eyes, light blue tank-top, knee-length dark blue skirt and knee-length black leather boots
Personality: Calm, odd, and dreamy, but is liable to have huge and unpredictable changes occasionally
Powers: Invisibility, telekinesis
Fitting Songs: (Currently none)
A little background: Sarah had always been a strange child. She spent most of her time sitting outside and staring dreamily into the distance, and she tended to say random things out of nowhere and have mood swings. She became a vampire on her sixteenth birthday. She then moved to a small cottage in a grassy field and has lived there ever since. She hasn't changed much over the years, except that she is slightly better at deceiving.

RP: The Boundary Broken Between
Name: Satoru
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Animal: Butterfly
Description(Human form): He has almost-shoulder-length brown hair with long bangs, purple eyes, and light blue and purple butterfly wings. He wears a monocle over his right eye, deep blue pants, and a deep purple long-sleeved shirt with an opening at the top of the back for his wings.
Description(Animal form): Butterfly with light blue and purple wings
Personality: Calm, patient, blunt
Weapons: Human- A long sword (held in a pitch-black sheath) / Animal- None... he's a butterfly
Fitting Songs: (Currently none)
Other: He is generally very peaceful, preferring not to fight unless the situation desperately calls for it. He doesn't have a very good sense of humor, nobody has ever heard him laugh, and strangely enough nobody has ever seen him smile either.

RP: Malice Silhouette
Name: Leila
Species: Viren
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Appearance: Long wavy black hair and purple eyes. She wears a sleeveless, flowing white dress
Personality: Kind, gentle, caring, peaceful, quiet
Weapon: None
Mainland: Serinic Ocean
City/Town: Xinion
Fitting Songs: (Currently none)
Other Things: She likes to help others, but she fears that she might be too weak and would only cause trouble.

RP: Bloody Roar RP
Name: Caroline (Nickname: Carol)
Age: 15
Zoanthrope: Fox
Personality: Self-assured, confident, teasing, friendly
Appearance: She has shoulder-length blonde hair that waves and curls on its way down her head. Her eyes are hazel in both human and animal forms. She wears a V-necked, long-sleeved white shirt, magenta velvet pants and short black boots.
Bio: Always the responsible child, Carol took care of her older brother Dash after their parents were killed. She still looks after him. Although life is quite hard on her with Dash's psychosis to deal with, she finds fun and excitement with him.
History with other characters: None for now
Fitting Songs: (Currently none)

RP: Bloody Roar RP
Name: Dash
Age: 17
Zoanthrope: Fox
Personality: Cheery, hyperactive, impulsive, easily distracted, slightly childish
Appearance: He has untidy sandy-blond hair. His eyes are gray in both human and animal forms. He wears a light blue T-shirt, baggy black pants and dark blue sneakers.
Bio: Dash has had ADD since he was a baby. When he was nine, his parents were murdered right before his eyes for reasons unknown. The shock of this left him with psychosis.
History with other characters: His younger sister is Caroline. Caroline watches over him, so she is a lot like an older sister to him. Nobody else can really control him or get him to do anything.
Fitting Songs: (Currently none)

RP: The Hunt
Name: Summer
Age: 15
Ability: Focusing and controlling water
Appearance: 5'4", medium-length pale blonde hair, hazel eyes
Personality: Fiery and determined, but friendly when you get to know her
Biography: -
Fitting Songs: (Currently none)
Other Things: She set out on her own in search for other ability wielders, wanting to be with others who understand her and know what she goes through.

RP: The Hunt
Name: D (nickname?)
Age: Almost 17
Ability: -will be revealed-
Appearance: Black hair and brown eyes. He wears sunglasses, a black dress shirt, dark blue jeans, and short black boots
Personality: -will be revealed-
Biography: -
Other Things: He lives in the hidden village of Diershan, which houses ability wielders.

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