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> RR, All My Redwall Charecters
 Posted: Oct 9 2010, 11:27 PM
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If you're reading this, then you wasted time from your life.

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Waterwings: Female Otter: Waterwings for most of her life, traveled with Redflash, or just Reddie. The two were like sisters, for when Reddie was orphaned at a young age, Waterwings's family adopted the red furred squirrel. Her otter tribe was called Bluestone Otter Trib, or BOT, and the symbol was an otter carved of blue stone that hung on a string around the neck, and doubled as a whistle. If ever in danger, a Blusestone otter would blow on the whistle and any nearby otter of that Tribe, would spring to their assistance. Best at fighting with her sling, she was a powerful swimmer, and had a laid back attitude. Soon after meeting the group, she was struck by a sickness that killed her.

Redflash "Reddie" Female Squirrel: a friendly squirrel with bright red fur. She tended to be a bit hyperactive, and always tried to do the right thing, even if that meant sacrificing herself. She seemed calmer after Waterwings death, dulled by grief. During one of her adventures with the group, Reddie saved a young badger cub, named Spring, from torture, and adopted her. Soon after, Reddie began to fall in love with Stealth, and they sort of kind of were in a relationship soon after. More on that later. Soon after arriving at Redwall, Reddie met an old family friend, Risu, who disguised herself as Reddie's mother. Rasu had been driven insane by jealousy a long time ago, for she had loved Reddie's father. She had been the one responsible for Reddie's family's death, and had tried to kill her too, but the otter's had saved Reddie. Rasu was about to kill Reddie when Stealth stepped in to save her. Later, Reddie was brutally murdered, caught off guard in the woods by herself. Reddie also had a way with birds, and could communicate with them.

Spring: Female Badger: Found by Reddie at a very young age, being tortured, she was, for the most part, raised by the kindhearted squirrel. As a baby, she liked to give others nicknames, but cannot remember most of them now. When Reddie was killed, that was her cue to grow up, and fast. She left Redwall and ran away to Salamandastron, to be raised as the next Badger Lady. However, annoy by the strict rules of the mountain, brought with her, her best friend Abe the hare, and they ran back to Redwall. Where they joined the group and are now planning the next big adventure.

Rasu: Female Squirrel: Looking a lot like Reddie. She used to be Redfur, Reddie's mom's, best friend, but when Redfur married the squirrel she loved, Reddie's father, it sent her over the edge of insanity. She hired vermin to slaughter the family, but before the vermin could kill Reddie, the otter's whom adopted Reddie saved her. When she captured Reddie, she was stopped from finally kille dthe squirrel with Stealth killed Rasu.

Sky: Female Robin: Reddie's most trusted bird friend. Great at delivering messages to anyone needed. When Reddie died the bird flew off, not knowing anyone else enough to deliver messages for them. Living somewhere in Mossflower.

Ripple: Male Otter: Waterwings brother by blood, and Reddie's by adoption. He came to Redwall to visit his sister. When Reddie left on her final adventure he left Redwall, Returning once to visit her grave when he learned of his death. Now the Skipper of the Bluestone tribe, he visits back once every four seasons, for he treats the place as if both his sisters were buried there.

Speranza "Sper": Reddie's cousin. She looks exactly like Reddie, but instead of white claws like Reddie had, hers are black. Met Reddie a long time ago, the otters had known Reddie's family and Sper was her cousin, so the otters had gone to tell Sper's parents about the deaths and brought Reddie along to meet them. They didn't talk often, each always busy with their own travels, but tried their hardest to keep in touch, When Sper learned of er cousin's death she raced to Redwall, wishing for it not to be true, but it was, sending her into a pool of grief. Meeting her cousins friends helped, and she decided to roam with them, taking the place, sort of, of her cousin.

Abe: Male Hare: A cocky hare, he's a bit of a ladie's man, and of course, like all hares, essentially a stomach on legs. He fights with a thin rapier and is Spring's most trusted friend.

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