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Posted by: Warriorfeather212 Aug 7 2011, 10:22 PM
I wrote this poem myself. I'm not deeply into writing poetry, but I hope it passes.
It's in the form of a letter between a twin brother and sister.

Dear Silva,
One the day I was born, there was another.
I have great affection for that one other;
Although she is a bit of a headache and a roving twister.
She is my other half, my twin sister.

As young children, we scampered playfully through the seasons.
We were definitely redheaded devils,
Hidden under the guise of green-eyed urchins.

Now, your pigtails are replaced by flowing, auburn hair.
Smiles are sweet, Eyelashes long.
No longer a tomboy; perfume filters through the air.
And yet, I see deeper than these changes. To me, you still belong.

You still blush a shade of pink, when I tease you.
And we both have our bad tempers, which we are quick to throw.
Thankfully, so are our confessions.
Apologizing sheepishly, we start anew.

In fear, we stay tight.
In sorrow, we stay close.
In sickness and in health, our bond remains taut.
Even through the mightiest of disasters, our friendship shines and glows.

Our closeness shall remain eternal,
No matter what the future may bring.
May this poem show the fraction of the affection internal.
To my dear darling sister,
From Your Brother, Sterling

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