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    Festive Fallout High Scores
Description: Spot the falling festive shapes that are the same. Click adjacent shapes to pop them. Hit Play Again to submit.
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Festive Fallout Champion!
with a score of 547,394
# Username Score Comment Time
1 loudkirbyking 547,394 12:49am Jan 30th
2 Makuna 301,522 omg i didn't realize I played ths game a lot but I love it! ^^ 7:27pm Feb 10th
3 Warriorfeather212 261,340 i rlly think this game is fun! 6:22pm Jun 22nd
4 TailsMaster9491 216,256 this is wierd 12:05am Mar 7th
5 Spindash712 191,186 Pop'em Drop'em Same Game 1:59pm Feb 10th
6 Ferret75 112,954 I like this game. 1:08pm Jan 24th
7 Highlander TH 47,331 4:26pm Apr 10th
8 Shadowlight 8,306 10:52pm Jan 26th

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